my baby was almost crying 😩💔
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amando essas joias maravilhosas, personalizadas e lindíssimas diretamente de NY da @themjewelers! tô apaixonada ❤️

ร่างกายต้องการน้ำ 💦 แต่ฉันต้องการเธออ 💕😘 #ถ่ายงานวันนี้ค่า


今天來看 #鬥魚 電影版 很開心看到 @lin092123 的演出😭 好感動喔😹 很像看到自己的弟弟在大螢幕上有很棒的表現👍👍👍 恭喜你🙏 大家可以進戲院支持一下喔❤️

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Michelle Coles
2018-06-21 05:31:50

@joy_mechell me too!

Joy ❤️🤞🏽
2018-06-21 04:35:13

@didit0808 agreed . Even when she's smiling , you can tell it doesn't always reach her eyes , or they'll gloss up . Glad she's happier now though ❤️

Michelle Coles
2018-06-20 23:56:38

@joy_mechell yes they do I agree totally! They always tell her truth.

Michelle Coles
2018-06-20 23:55:33

Is it me or does her face look a little plump... y'all think she's pregnant?

preston Davis🐲
2018-06-20 08:34:12

What song

Alex Garcia
2018-06-20 05:20:58

What song is this

2018-06-20 03:32:26


Beezanie Nain
2018-06-20 02:20:59

She was in so much pain just thinking bout it. Jay must have connected with Becky.... Cheating is diff from cheating

2018-06-20 00:41:16

“I’ll never understand whhhhyyyyyyy” you know she put that feeling fr in that why.

@tamsinmorris22 @sacha_loux

Rayhana Diallo
2018-06-19 22:44:46

@yazdior nah she messed it up , lol she just slurred last it

2018-06-19 22:36:10

I love youuuuuu

2018-06-19 21:05:55

@rijolestrong she just changes them sometimes since it is her song


Músicao e de arrepiar

Daniella Veras
2018-06-19 18:56:22

Bey is so talented and beautiful

Mrs. Stewart
2018-06-19 18:15:16


2018-06-19 15:52:43

💔 @jadehuijsman

Luisa Rossi
2018-06-19 15:08:21