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Wine and sparkly socks are my life's only constants. Ask anyone

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Someone said all Swedes wear beige- I’m trying to fit in

Doing my best to hide from this hangover

Out here looking for my future husband

Your local country girl on a love weekend drive through #blomstrandwedding

If you’re ever in doubt what to order for me

In a serious love affair with men’s socks (and all other socks)

Greetings from your local kakadu Edit: I do take commissions in you wanna join the Kclub

walking into a wedding week like

Shoulders on point

Soz, too good of a lunch-shoe situation not to

Someone told me that my caption game is strong. Could it be my job? Is that a thing? A caption consultant? (Also FYI I will wear this outfit tomorrow too, I really like it) 📷 @jdmstone

Matching the grass- UK heatwave style

Cut my face out because shoes are the most important thing in life- After always putting extra garlic on your pizza and singing along whenever ABBA is played

@rainsjournal AW18 campaign


Will I ever get tired of posting pictures of pastel and pink skies? Nope, probably not

Almost time to say bye to all the carbs in marbs and go back to smashed avo on toasts. Because kids, home is where the avocado is

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