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author of "icebox cakes" and "the vintage baker" (april, 2018), blogger, recipe developer, and lover of all things sweet

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PB&J is all i’ll say. #recipedevelopment

my dad. ❤️

recipe for easiest cinnamon buns (read: no yeast) comin’ at u soon . . .

can’t stop/won’t stop with the butterscotch potato chip balls from the #vintagebakingbook. check out my stories for images of the original @goodhousekeeping booklet and “chip ball” recipe that inspired them . . . ❤️

i’m into more is more (as opposed to less is more). but full disclosure: this rhubarb mixed berry slab pie was weirdly a million times better when i reduced the amount of crumb topping by half. still reeling from the discovery.

peeps, mini vanilla rhubarb icebox cakes for you to enjoy on saturday from 10-12 at the @unsqgreenmarket and (@foodbookfair) #vintagebakingbook book-signing. more info at the link in my profile.

#latergram of the marshmallow walnut fudge factory that was happening in my kitchen this morning. packaged these babies up and carried them with me to @robertaspizza, where i chatted all things sweets, fraud, law, and more, with the AMAZING @fwscout. and, yes, i loved every second. ❤️

recipe for chocolate rugelach is #ontheblog (on the off chance your spring just wouldn’t be complete without some . . . ). link in profile. ❤️

devil’s food sheet cake with sea foam frosting (aka seven minute icing made with brown sugar, rather than granulated) from the #vintagebakingbook. recipe on @oprahmagazine - link in profile. also, chocolate cake with marshmallow-like frosting is my fave, FYI. 📷: @alice_gao

the amazing @sarah_kieffer made the s’more cake from the #vintagebakingbook (yes, back in the day peeps made “graham cakes” with chocolate fillings - i just added marshmallow frosting to “s’more-ify” it . . . ). this is her stunning capture. ❤️❤️❤️

recipe for the (dare i say “dreamy?”) black bottom banana dream bars from the #vintagebakingbook is up on @food52 . . . link in profile.

marshmallow walnut fudge with flaky sea salt for days (and for the @brooklinebooksmith #vintagebakingbook afterparty . . .).

butterscotch potato chip balls from the #vintagebakingbook. made these babies for all the brookline/boston peeps joining me tomorrow at the @brooklinebooksmith at 7:00pm. link to more info in profile.

yup: there’s stuff in my freezer from many moons ago. case in point: finally baking off the rest of the test-batch of rhubarb black pepper rugelach that @zoekanan (😍) and i made for @cherrybombemag jubilee.

@taste is featuring the recipe for the baked alaska sandwich from the #vintagebakingbook on its site, as well as @ahezel’s piece about the fancying up of the loaf - a topic near and dear to my heart, obvs. also, is the dreaded algorithm going to punish me for reposting this pic that i originally took many, many months ago ?? are you all?? please advise. link to recipe in profile.

#recipetesting morphs into breakfast.

strawberry basil turnover filling (before adding the basil) cooling on the counter. #vintagebakingbook

wowza, peeps: it appears that @oprah (❤️) really digs a revamped vintage recipe - check out @oprahmagazine online for the recipe for this here cinnamon raisin flake-apart bread from the #vintagebakingbook (as well as that for the fig pin cushions, milk chocolate malted pudding, and devils‘ food sheet cake with sea foam frosting). link in profile (and personal #gratitudemeter = all about oprah . . . 😍).