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Archive photos of DEVGRU and attached personnel.

Photos and Videos posted by devgrupics

DEVGRU Silver Squadron Operator, Collin Thomas. Rest easy Chief 🇺🇸 8/18/10

DEVGRU Red Squadron operator, Hulk Hogan.

DEVGRU Gold Squadron

DEVGRU Silver Squadron Operator, Blake Marston. Rest easy. 🇺🇸

DEVGRU Gold Squadron

DEVGRU Gold Squadron operator, Luis Souffront during the white-side days. Rest easy, sailor. 🇺🇸

Actual footage of Leviathan attacking a SWCC crew. Brutal

DEVGRU Blue Squadron operator David Fegyo shortly after receiving his trident. Rest easy, sailor. 🇺🇸

Jessica Buchanan talks of the DEVGRU members who rescued her from Somali pirates. Some operators were just days out of selection when they jumped out an airplane and fought in a gunfight to save her.

Rumor has it, this particular Viking with a MK13 did some crusader shit while augmented with DEVGRU.

DEVGRU Gold Squadron operator Eddie Penney. Looks like he just threw a Chinook to impress the boys.

If you’ve been on our story, yesterday evening the devgrupics founder was involved in an accident. I didn’t know much except what his girlfriend posted on Facebook. Here’s what he sent me earlier this morning. He also added “I may not be a soldier now, but I’ll get plenty of roles in movies as a pirate.” Right the fuck on.

DEVGRU Red Squadron 2003

DEVGRU Gold Squadron operator Jared Day. Below is his Joint Service Commendation Medal citation: • • • “... Petty Officer First Class Jared W. Day, United States Navy, distinguished himself by exceptionally valorous achievement as a Mission Support Site Tactical Communicator for a Joint Task Force in support of Operation ENDURING FREEDOM from 24 February 2010 to 25 June 2010. During this period, Petty Officer First Class Day flawlessly managed tactical and garrison communications for a remote mission support site. On 2 May 2010, his actions under fire were critical in stopping a border checkpoint from being overrun by enemy fighters. After a four kilometer dismounted patrol through mountainous terrain, his element was engaged; by rocked propelled grenades and effective enemy small arms fire. Petty Officer First Class Day spotted and engaged enemy fighters and maneuvered with the ground force Commander while providing situational awareness to higher headquarters to coordinate reinforcements and close air support assets. His efforts ensured the successful execution of the mission and the safe extraction of all ground forces. The distinctive accomplishments of Petty Officer First Class Day reflect great credit upon him, the United States Navy, and the Department of Defense.”

DEVGRU Gold Squadron operator, Ryan Owens.

Former Recon Marine, Task Force Bruiser Operator, and DEVGRU Gold Squadron Special Warfare Officer Mike Sarraille.

(Picture is just a placeholder and not necessarily associated with this unit.) DEVGRU Black Squadron was reshaped from the command’s sniper unit into its intelligence gathering operation. A lot of assignments typically happen inside American foreign embassies where the specialized command members can gather intelligence, reconnaissance, and surveillance undercover and closer to the target. Despite widespread belief that this is the only unit in the command to recruit women, women play key administrative roles in DEVGRU as a whole. The front companies Black create can serve as crucial intelligence gathering for future or current DEVGRU Missions, such as the killing of an Al-Qaeda senior recruiter and mission planner, Anwar al-Awlaki in Yemen, through a drone strike. It is believed Black Squadron consists of around 100 members and continue to play integral roles in counter-terrorism operations.

A teammate to many of those lost on Extortion 1-7 comments on supposed “conspiracies.” I just find it disrespectful to use these mens sacrifice as a way to push a political agenda. But then again, it’s the internet. After creating this page, nothing surprises me anymore. Take it from a man who knew the sailors killed aboard Extortion 17. #repost @evan30sec with @get_repost ・・・ About 30 kids lost their fathers 7 years ago today. It's hardest on them and the wives left behind. --- Don't listen to all the conspiracy theories, they're all bullshit. No one on Extortion 17 was on the Bin Laden raid. They weren't set up. Obama didn't have them taken out. --- They made a decision to do a 1 ship/helo infil because there was only room for one. If they split into two ships, the second traditionally eats more rounds so they decided to go for a quick infil and not risk a second one coming in to the same LZ. In war, risk mitigation is a daily part of planning and this time, their number came up. It's that simple. --- They flew through a 3 RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade) ambush while flying at roughly 300'. One of the RPG's connected hitting the rear rotor causing the CH-47 to lose lift and they went in. --- I wrote this because these guys deserve to never be forgotten. We can't let them fade into obscurity. These were among a small group of the best fighters in our country. Never forget them. --- LLTB 🇺🇸 #extortion17 #lltb