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Crème Brûlée Kakigori 🤤 If you’ve been watching my Instagram stories here in Japan you’ll probably know I’m a bit crazy for ramen and kakigori 🍜🍧 This video was taken after standing in line for an hour to crush one of my favorite bowls of ramen ever, and yet another one-hour line under the scorching sun to cool down with this amazing raspberry crème brûlée kakigori. . This is only a ten minute walk from the @moxyosaka 🍧 and we randomly stumbled upon an incredible rose garden that was perfect to pass out right after. That was our day & it was perfect!

Exploring with @moxytokyo 🇯🇵 Comment your favorite color below! 😜👍

Today is my birthday and @Melissa surprised me with a trip to Japan! I can’t be more happy 😍 ありがとうございます ❤️

A place we’ll definitely keep coming back to. 😱 @melissa and I loved driving around Iceland and getting lost just to end up frozen in awe standing in front of these crazy sights. So many incredible places to explore...

Tokyo nights... Took a walk from @thepeninsulatokyo and ended up here.

So blessed to be able to spend so much time this year in Japan🇯🇵. My favorite place in the world! (in case you didn’t figure that out by now hehe). Got to explore the different seasons 🌸🌦🍂☀️, eat the most mind blowing delicious food🍣🍧🍛🍱, take epic photos and videos of beautiful places 🗻🏯🗼⛩ make new friendships and randomly hang out with old friends, play with cards and kendama 😜 but most important of all get @melissa to finally admit to like ramen 🍜🍜🍜🤣😂🤣😂. Thank you for being the most amazing wife anyone can ask for! And thank you @rkrkrk for this epic shot of the Tokyo Tower! Let’s meet again soon!👊👊👊

Blade Runner vibes... Entrance to @thepeninsulatokyo bar on the top floor, the views from up here are insane!

Feeling really inspired by my friends @anyoneww . We bumped into each other in Tokyo and felt like filming a little cameo for their video. I haven’t made any cardistry videos in a long time, I bet a lot of my followers don’t even know I’ve been shuffling cards for almost 12 years now. This little clip is for those that voted “cards” > “food” on my story’s poll the other day. My favorite part of the video is @melissa’s cameo 👍😛👍. More card stuff coming in 2018 I promise. If you haven’t yet, go watch the full Tokyo video by @tobiaslvn @nikolajlfhp and @noelheath #anyoneworldwide #cardistry

Exploring with @moxytokyo 🇯🇵 Let’s be honest...I came back for ramen and kakigori 🍜🍧🤤😏 10th week in Japan this year 🙃

We are going to miss this place and its people. @cavotagoomykonos really blew our minds. ευχαριστώ 👍🇬🇷

Two years married! Insane, it feels like it was yesterday when we were on our honeymoon after the most epic wedding ever. I guess because we never stopped honeymooning hehe. Even though this year we pretty much just went to places we already visited before, with some exceptions, it didn't feel old or boring. I had an amazing time and enjoyed every moment. From being at home in Toronto cooking yummy foods and watching shows to sleeping in planes, hard futons and friends' couches. Anywhere I am in the world I feel at home as long as I'm with you. I'm extremely proud of you for all the hard work you put in day and night and all the hours you spent this year to make your dreams come true. You are truly remarkable and a real super woman. I can't wait for all the adventures that lie ahead of us and all the challenges that will make us push ourselves to new limits. I know that for as long as we love each other we will be able to achieve anything we want in life. Thank you five million times for being the best partner in crime anyone could wish for. You are not only an incredible lover but a real homie and my best friend. My beautiful, crazy, passionate, caring, generous, romantic, hard working, hilarious, powerful, selfless, loving wife. You are everything I live for. I love you @melissa 😍😍😍 #anniversary

Going back to California in a few weeks, gonna have to pick up a few of these shirts for all the friends that asked. 🍔🍟🏝🌊 #tbt

Celebrating the launch of @volcantequila in Los Angeles! Congrats to our amazing friend @trentfraser! Cheers #tothemoment

When @melissa says jump, I say how high? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 😅 #tbt #maldives

If you could pack your bags right now and move to a different country? Where would you go? For me it'd have to be Japan 😍 Fun fact, @Melissa fell on her face right after handing the camera to a passerby to take this photo. Always be prepared ahead of time for sunset and don't rush it or you might risk eating it! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (🎨 @kellansworld)

またね! It's been awesome to explore Japan for 7 weeks this year. Now back in Toronto with a hard drive full of footage and photos to go through. Can't wait to share the epic memories with you. Next stop... Los Angeles!

We weren't supposed to come back to Japan but here we are again! ⛩This makes almost two months this year in my favorite place 😍 Thanks Melly @melissa for the amazing surprise and for being so awesome. 🍜🍣🍱🍙🍧🍺🍵🥃🍛 (I will be posting some ig stories as soon as I have some time to sit down and edit). #hakone