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Если тебя ненавидят, значит ты уже победила.


11 Minutes Ago

It was a sunny and a windy day. I like neither. #grumpyface


32 Minutes Ago

You were born to make mistakes, not fake perfection.


12 Minutes Ago

I don't want to be gold plated I want to be loved for who I am I don't want to be loved/hated I want to play fair in the games I want to be heard when I speak I want to feel I am needed I want to be strong and not weak I want to be generous and not greedy I want to be light like a feather I want to be funny and nice I want to enjoy sunny weather I want to have peace and no fights I want to be everything, honey Everything you could imagine I 'll be I 'll be everything except I won't sell For your money I will lend my soul to the sea


16 Minutes Ago

one daddy a day takes the kalat away. To the most tidy, hardworking and meticulous man in my life. Happy Father's Day 😊💕


16 Minutes Ago

just breathe | #50mmf18


45 Minutes Ago

В холодную погоду эти фото напоминали о солнышке, сейчас они напоминают о тепловом ударе 🌞✨


19 Minutes Ago

Нет ничего лучше,чем просыпаться ранним утром и вдыхать аромат душистого букета,стоящего рядом с кроватью🌸🌸🌸 Обожаю цветы❤ Для кого то букеты-это пустая трата денег,для меня же это нечто большее,чем "веник,который быстро завянет"🌷🙈


23 Minutes Ago

“color my life with the chaos of trouble”


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Premium. @lacoste


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Kutti Kalyani. ❤️