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F A S H I O N - photo by @nielsvanveenphoto Makeup by @plutonic_violet Hair by @whitehaircreations Model @selinehergaarden - @embracemodelmgmt Clothing @zara @zara__europe @zaraoutfitsdaily


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First day I’ve posted in a while...it’s nice to sometimes not post and focus on other priorities that are going on in my life. My feed is a small reflection of my life and it shows me at my best moments. The not so best moments are not shown here, probably like most of you, but those times are the best in the sense that I learn and grow from those experiences and hopefully become a better person. So cheers to a better you! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #folkportraits #peoplescreative #collectingportraits #underrated_shots #discoverportraits #portraitkillers #makeportraitsmag #mygsom #creativeontherise #seekmests #quitethechaos #featuredpalette #lensofourlives #vscoportrait #ig_portrait #ig_mood #stylebloggers #instastyles #instafashionista #ootdfash


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• Leading the 🌊 of the new perspective 🕶 • In Frame 💁🏼‍♀️: @yuliyaurban


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Y’all are probably tired of seeing this photo float around BUT the reason why it is my absolute favorite is because of the conditions it was taken in. I was dressed to go on a hike, not a photoshoot. I didn’t anticipate on having any portraits taken at all this day. Next thing you know, we’re looking at this eerie road and I’m like “yolo, let’s lay on the wet ground and possibly get run over.” - Most people don’t understand that photography isn’t because I‘m obsessed with my own face. I love photoshoots because it’s an adventure. I love exploring hidden gems and seeing how creative people can get. I love the challenges that we are faced with during shoots and working to adapt with what we’ve got in terms of weather, landscape, equipment, and model’s capabilities. After hitting an outstandingly low point in life last year, photoshoots were my escape from all the drama. I have literally stood above the clouds, stargazed in the middle of the night, posed in between moving cars at an intersection, sat on the ledge of a high building, and so many other experiences that have pushed me far out of any comfort zone imaginable. Thank you @vinc3___ and all the photographers whom I’ve gotten to work with these past few months. You have all enlightened me so much and opened up a whole ‘nother world for me that could not have been experienced any other way. - 📸 by @vinc3___


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what would you rate this pic on a scale of 1 to 10 ? 🤔


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Do ever like to try something different from what you’re used to doing? I did a shoot with my friend @frsknhiphop and it was a lot more moody and dark than my normal style, and I loved it!! It was refreshing for me to try out a different style. I encourage the photographers out there to not be reluctant to try something new!! :) Click the link in my bio to see the full set of images!


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virtual high five me!! 🙏🏼 I got out of jury duty before noon today 👏🏼


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“We lived like we would never wake up from the dream that we shared, just the two of us.” ☁️🌙. 📸:@nb_photographie_


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29 Vet Ade** - - in frame: @ambitiousade - photo/cc: @marcopatron26


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Enjoy the little things. My first FFA Contest edit challenge hosted by @jon.snip | @apollozphotography | @shanivarner | @tomdewh | @nilo.visuals | #pogffa Photo by: @tomdewh Model: @chubbiebunnies Edited by: @paused.the.world - - - #moodyfilm #cityports #portraitfeed #artofportrait #theportraitpr0ject #portastic #theportraitcentral #portraitmood #bravogreatphoto #featuremeofh #doports #portraitvision #creative_portraits #hvmansouls #bravoportraits #portraitgames #pursuitofportraits #portraitpage #moodyports #portraits_mf #portrait_vision #globe_people #portraittones #portraitsociety #agameofportraits #savageframes


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I live for the funk, I’ll die for the funk

I usually photograph Eli in his football equipment, so having him all dressed up in his grad suit was a fun change! Best of luck at U of A next year Eli✨🎓


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My face when I see coconut shrimps coming my way🍤 ft. an entire wave of seaweed