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Kevin Bazinet

4 Days 3 Hours Ago

Ce petit bonhome est l'un de nos gagnants Onetake!!! Bien que la compétition était de très haut calibre, il le mérite plus que tout! Il est un garçon ultra respectueux et remplis de bonnes valeurs! Il a un intelligence musicale incroyable et il n'a que 13 ans, je suis plus que certain qu'il ira loin, peu importe le chemin qu'il choisira! Merci à tout ceux qui nous ont encouragé pendant tout le concours et qui sait, peut-être à l'année prochaine! 🤷🏻‍♂️❤️ @dalesioalexander

Lol 😂😂😂 Credits📸:@thepigeongazette #toughgvrl #couples0nly

ED Ellen DeGeneres

6 Days 6 Hours Ago

#kristenbell doesn't have to do any #momsplaining wearing her #edellendegeneres Chapala sneakers on a night out on the town with #daxshepard

Work was long today....... Follow me @liftedmemer for more posts! Sorry been busy today!!


3 Days 9 Hours Ago

@theellenshow and @portiaderossi are celebrating their 10th anniversary! 💕 Tap our link in bio for a peek at their wedding day.


5 Days 3 Hours Ago

A 22-year-old Hooters waitress quit her job after allegedly receiving a racial slur from a White family that acted rudely throughout her service. Elina Blackstock, a Japanese native, claimed that the family made fun of her while she served at the newly-opened restaurant in Wichita Falls, Texas on Sunday. In a Facebook post, Blackstock, who goes by her profile name “Elina Blackstone,” shared a picture of the family’s receipt, which one member returned with the words “Get a different job damn Jandice.” Blackstock claimed that the customer, whom she believed to be a grandson, meant to call her “jaundice” — a yellowish discoloration of the skin often associated with an underlying disease. The term, however, has since become a colloquial racial slur for Asians. “Some people think I was overreacting, and I need to get over it,” Blackstock said. “I think some people don’t understand what the word ‘jaundice’ means, but it’s a racial slur for Asians.” Blackstock added that a woman watched, laughed and told the grandson to “be nice” as the latter wrote his comments. She also denied accusations that she only made the whole thing up for attention. “Some people think I made this up for attention, and I need to stop being a victim. But people need to know racism exists.” Blackstock said that the family left her a dismal 70 cent tip — although it did not matter as much as the offensive remark. She wrote in an update: “Some people think I got offended by 70c but no y’all misunderstood my point. If they just didn’t tip me at all, it’s okay maybe they thought I was a horrible server I’d try to fix it. If they left a comment about my serving skills, I would have appreciated the feedback and tried to make it better. “But they left a comment about my race which there’s nothing I can fix about because I was born with this skin color. And even if I was a horrible server, it’s never okay to leave a racist comment period. Oh and it’s not a name. It’s jaundice. He misspelled it.” Blackstock, who holds a green card, also addressed comments claiming that she was racist towards White people, since she had to mention so. Click @nsrebelyellow link in bio to see Hooters' response.



2 Days 9 Hours Ago

It’s official — @nickjonas and @priyankachopra are engaged! Tap the link in bio to see the sweet photo they both shared revealing the news.

Sending our #saturdayshoutout to the stunning Yandy Smith! The “Love & Hip Hop” star shared this week that she has started the process of becoming a foster parent to a beautiful young girl, whom she met three years ago while speaking at her school. We love her for sharing this journey with all of us, and we wish her and her family love and happiness! 💜 ... #repost @yandysmith

3 Days 2 Hours Ago

R.I.P. Deven Davis, estranged wife of Korn singer Jonathan Davis. Swipe up on Stories for sad deets.

“IM BACK CAUSE YOU SAID YOU WANTED A HUGGGHahqjha” 😩😩😩 he cares, he really cares. ALL CREDIT TO @rachelsrox_ and @transbuckybear


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Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky are the cutest. For John Stamos' 55th birthday🍰, Lori Loughlin shared a video of them lip-syncing to 'Frozen' 🎤and added a sweet note too. Watch the video in the link in bio! #fullerhouse #fullerhouse

If you want to donate money so that flint can buy water bottles, link in my bio An ongoing investigation by PBS's "FRONTLINE" found that the death toll may be much higher than the official number reported by the state. The investigation—which centers on Legionnaires' disease, a form of pneumonia caused by the legionella bacteria—comes from an extensive review of six years of death records, and interviews with families of the deceased as well as several epidemiologists and infectious disease specialists. (Source: PBS) -Victoria 🌹 #blackisbeautiful #poc #woc #naturalhair #flintmichigan #flintwatercrisis #cleanwater #waterislife

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Aaahhh, it's Priyanka Chopra's engagement ring at last! U like?

Justin and Hailey both commented on Justin Bieber's post of Bay Bieber his new sister💕 . . .@justinbieber @haileybaldwin #jailey #baybieber #bay #bieber #bieberbaby #itsagirl #nobrainer #despacitoremix #imtheone #justinbieber #beliebers #jb5 #purposetour #bieber #friends #engaged #jbhb

We’re talking with @RachaelEHarris and @_CherylHines on @BETHERTV at 6pm!

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Who could ever forget?! It was lit! No disrespect. Swipe up in our Instagram Stories & Khloe Highlights for more on Khloe's feelings.

I’ll just leave this right here for you all to enjoy ... #blackandwhite #henrycavill #sharingiscaring #modelshot #missionimpossiblefallout


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She tried the right one lol I could see a sista or a Latina knocking her damn head off.

The slow motion iron swing of Tommy Fleetwood. Notice how his backswing doesn’t fly out to far but it also doesn’t stay too tight into his body. For your backswing, you need to find a happy medium: because if you don’t, your improper backswing will lead to many avoidable complications. The best way to check if your backswing is in good position, is by filming your swing from behind, and analyzing from there.

That was to be expected. only naive people thought Disney would take it back. I'm sure they'll find a replacement easily. he deserved to be fired. if they hadn't fired him, it was hypocrisy. after all recently one channel closed series and dismissed the actress from for one tweet, but the actress supported the President, and the Internet supported her dismissal. here, the situation is exactly the same, except that Gunn was against trump, but he also wrote terrible things and must answer for them. I also think Batista will stop making ultimatums and talking after this, cuz before marvel he was not so popular, and Disney can easily find a replacement like they did with Rhodey War Machine and Hulk. Your thoughts?

2 Days 7 Hours Ago

Khloé Kardashian and Tristan Thompson leave baby True at home and put their love on display with a date night in Los Angeles! Swipe up on stories to get all the details!